Pinnacle offset area

Where is the Pinnacle offset area?

The Pinnacle offset area (19.5 hectares) extends the Pinnacle Nature Reserve. It is located along the William Hovell Drive, north of the Kama Nature Reserve. The nearest Suberb is Hawker, Belconnen.

Map showing the Pinnacle offset area

Map: Pinnacle offset area

Download the map (PDF 689KB).

Why is it an offset?

The offset area has been established to compensate for the impact on white box-yellow box-Blakely’s red gum grassy woodland and derived native grassland (box gum grassy woodland) community from the University of Canberra Public Hospital development.

What’s so special about Pinnacle offset?


The offset area extends the Pinnacle Nature Reserve, which is part of a group of nature reserves that form a connected network of remnant woodland vegetation, extending from Black Mountain and Bruce Ridge in the east, and the Kama Nature Reserve, Molonglo River and Murrumbidgee River Corridor in the west. The Pinnacle box gum grassy woodland provides valuable wildlife habitat, permitting movement across the landscape for a variety of species.

Natural values significant under the EPBC Act:

Threatened fauna includes:

Threatened flora includes:

Photo of Narrow plantainThree woodland plant species considered rare in the ACT are known to occur in the offset area. These species are

Photo: Narrow Plantain by Lyndsey Vivian


The long term management aim for the offset area is to conserve and improve the extent and understory condition of the box gum grassy woodland community.

Box - Gum Woodland Offset Monitoring - 2016

Pinnacle offset management plan

Annual report

Monitoring reports
Pinnacle Nature Reserve offset monitoring report 2015 (PDF 3MB) (Word 2MB)

What can I do in this reserve?

The reserve is accessible for walking and bird watching. Horse riding is permitted along designated trails. Dogs are permitted on a leash.

Get involved and volunteer with Friends of The Pinnacle.

Who do I contact to ask questions about this offset?

Call Access Canberra: 13 22 81.