Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset areas

Where is Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset area?

The Gungaderra offset area (32.7 hectares) extends the northern end of Gungaderra Grasslands Nature Reserve, south of Nudurr Drive. The Mulanggari offset area (22.8 hectares) extends the western end of Mulanggari Grasslands Nature Reserve, between Gungahlin Drive and The Valley Avenue.

Map showing the Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset areas

Map: Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset areas.

Download the map (PDF 813KB)

Why is it an offset?

The offsets were established to compensate for impact on the striped legless lizard (Delma impar) and the golden sun moth from development at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC).

What’s so special about Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset?


Mulanggari and Gungaderra form part of a network of remnant patches of lowland native grassland. The offset areas improve connectivity and acts as buffers for high conservation value grasslands protected within the Mulanggari and Gungaderra Grassland reserves.Striped legless lizard

Natural values significant under the EPBC Act:

Photo: Striped legless lizard


The long term management aim is to conserve and increase the ecological condition and connectivity of striped legless lizard and golden sun moth and declining woodland bird habitat.

2016 Grassland Mapping Report

Mulanggari and Gungaderra offset management plan

Annual report

Monitoring reports
Striped legless lizard monitoring report 2015 (PDF 718KB) (Word 712KB)
Suitability of proposed offset areas from the University of Canberra (PDF 2MB) (Word 6MB)
Asbestos Risk Assessment from SLR Consulting (PDF 6MB) (Word 7MB)

What can I do in this reserve?

The reserves contain numerous walking trails. It is a popular bird watching area. Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the reserves.

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Who do I contact with questions about this offset?

Call Access Canberra: 13 22 81.