Jarramlee offset area

Where is Jarramlee offset area?

Jarramlee (112 hectares) is located on the north western boundary of the ACT in the district of Belconnen. The reserve borders rural grazing land within both the ACT (agisted and leased land) and NSW (freehold). It is also less than 200 metres from the suburbs of Dunlop and West Macgregor.

Jarramlee is approximately 1.1 kilometres south-west of the Dunlop Grasslands Nature Reserve and 2.6 kilometres north-east of the Woodstock Nature Reserve.

Gooromon Ponds Creek and Ginninderra Creek converge within Jarramlee. Ginninderra Creek continues to flow west to meet with the Murrumbidgee River approximately 4.2 kilometres from the reserve.

Map showing the area Jaramlee covers

Map: Jaramlee offset area and Macgregor West 2 Estate offset area

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Why is it an offset?

The Jarramlee offset area was established to offset the impact from the Lawson South residential estate on the golden sun moth and natural temperate grassland.

What's so special about the Jarramlee offset area?


Jarramlee is part of an extensive area of natural temperate grassland that extends across the northern ACT. The area includes the Gooromon Ponds Creek and Ginninderra Creek, which converge within Jarramlee and are feeder creeks for the greater Murrumbidgee river corridor. Jarramlee protects a relatively isolated patch of golden sun moth habitat within Canberra’s rural urban fringe. This golden sun moth habitat supports one of the largest known populations of golden sun moth in the ACT.

Natural values significant under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Natural temperate grasslands occur where few trees grow usually because of low temperatures, low rainfall and infertile or clay soils. One of the characteristics of a natural temperate grassland are perennial tussocks that may grow up to 1 metre in height with other grasses, wildflowers, mosses and lichens growing below and between. Many native plant species found in the grasslands are rare or uncommon and are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 2014.

Threatened faunaCanberra raspy cricket

Photo: Canberra raspy cricket

The natural temperate grassland is habitat of the Canberra raspy cricket (Cooraboorama canberrae). This cricket is endemic to Canberra and found generally in higher quality native grassland. Although not listed as a threatened species, the cricket generally occurs as small isolated populations restricted by highly fragmented habitat.

Cultural values

A large number of registered Aboriginal artefact scatters are recorded within Jarramlee. If artefacts are found they must not be disturbed to prevent a breach of the Heritage Act 2004.

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The long term aim for the offset area is to conserve and increase the extent of golden sun moth habitat and the natural temperate grassland community.

Monitoring reports

What can I do in this reserve?

The Bicentennial National Trail traverses Jarramlee. This trail is suitable for horse riders, walkers and mountain bike riders. Dogs are permitted along the trail on a leash.

Get involved and volunteer with the Ginninderra Catchment Group.

Who do I contact with questions about this offset?

Phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81.