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Recreational fishing in the ACT

Recreational fishing in the public waters of the ACT does not require a licence, but you must comply with the Fisheries Act 2000.

ACT Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy

The Strategy outlines how we can best continue to manage and restore our waterways. It includes action plans for threatened fish and riparian plants.

Helping our native fish navigate the Murrumbidgee

Improving the Upper Murrumbidgee River to protect our native fish, including four rare and threatened species.

Fisheries management

Learn about the decline of native freshwater fish in our region and the fish stocking plan for the ACT.

National Carp Control Plan

Carp are an introduced species and are considered the worst freshwater aquatic pest in south-eastern Australia, particularly within the Murray-Darling Basin.

Murray Cod Conservation

Protecting and managing the Murray Cod through sustainable recreational fishing practices and conservation of wild populations.