Canberrans urged to reduce electricity use

Canberrans urged to reduce electricity use

Update: Friday 18 January 2019

The current extreme weather has seen a high level of demand on our electricity network. The efforts of Canberrans though has helped reduce pressure on the electricity grid.

Hot weather conditions are predicted to continue well into next week but current projections are for no disruptions to supply in the ACT.

Given our changing climate all Canberrans are encouraged to consider ways to reduce energy use, while ensuring they remain cool for their own safety and comfort.

Simple steps at home and at work to reduce electricity use can help take pressure off the electricity grid. Tips include:

  • turn off unnecessary lighting
  • restrict use of air conditioning (set temperature to 26oC or higher)
  • minimise use of cooking equipment
  • if you work with more than one computer screen, consider turning one off for the day
  • consolidate refrigeration and turn off unnecessary fridges
  • turn off water heating systems and urns
  • turn off appliances usually left in standby mode – including TVs, DVDs, videos, stereos, computers, microwave ovens, battery chargers and portable power supplies
  • avoid use of dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners & second TV.

For more energy saving tips, please visit: ACTSmart or Evoenergy.