Woods Reserve and Mt Clear campgrounds have reopened

Woods Reserve and Mt Clear campgrounds have reopened

29 July 2020

The team have taken advantage of the closures and have revamped Woods Reserve campground. Improvements include dedicated caravan and camper trailer sites, road repaving, bushfire mitigation, re-establishing tracks and trails, ecological restoration, weed control and erosion repair on paths.

The ACT bushfire recovery program seeks to build back better, more resilient infrastructure where possible throughout Namadgi. This will ensure that our park is able to adapt and withstand the increasing challenges of climate change, which brings more frequent extreme weather.

This work has also been supported by the new ranger positions for ACT Parks and Conservation Service created as part of the Jobs for Canberrans program delivered through the ACT Government’s COVID-19 stimulus package. 26 new positions were created, with dedicated teams of rangers working to restore tracks and trails, fencing and undertake recovery work in Namadgi following the Orroral Valley bushfire.

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