Protect the environment and reduce building costs

Protect the environment and reduce building costs

Updated: 7 July 2020

A new, easy to use version of the Environment Protection Guidelines for Construction and Land Development in the ACT is now out for consultation.

The draft guidelines (3.2MB) provide clear guidance and practical advice to builders and land developers on their legal obligations to protect the environment when undertaking construction and land development work.

Taking measures to protect the environment during construction and land development is vital to prevent environmental degradation and preserve the ACT’s important ecosystems and landscapes.

Environment protection is also important for developers and builders. Development without adequate controls can increase costs (e.g. stockpiles washed away and needing replacement and clean-up costs on damaged sites) and incur fines. If environment protection measures are regularly not in place it can also impact business reputation.

The Guidelines focus on how to address erosion, sediment control and other environmental issues including noise, air emissions, waste management, land contamination, biodiversity and climate change.

Builders, developers and other stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on the draft guidelines (3.2MB) by email to by 17 July 2020.