Franklin Grasslands draft landscape plan

Franklin Grasslands draft landscape plan

17 August 2020

Public comment is now open until 25 September 2020 for you to have your say on the Franklin Grasslands draft landscape plan. The landscape plan is an important step in managing this new reserve and identifying ways we can protect the land.

The grasslands protect and support wildflowers and animals that exist in the area. Threatened species such as the Gold Sun Moth, Striped Lizard, Perunga Grasshopper and superb Parrot all live within the reserve.

To help us conserve and protect the natural ecosystems that exist at the Franklin Grasslands, we want the community to help us deliver a plan. This plan will identify the challenges around conserving the natural environment and identify opportunities for visitors to engage with and learn about the values of this site.

For view more information on the landscape plan, and to have your say, visit the YourSay website.