Adopt a tree and become a leaf champion

Adopt a tree and become a leaf champion

15 February 2022

Nutrients from grass clippings and leaves that find their way into our stormwater drains can see blue-green algae develop, leading to the closure of some of our favourite lakes.

With your help, we can work to reduce grass clipping and leaves left on paths, gutters and roads and get back to enjoying access to our lakes year-round.

What can you do?

Choose a street tree or a storm water drain (or both) to ‘adopt’. Once you have adopted your tree or drain, all we ask you to do is be a Leaf Champion and care for it. Collect leaves that fall from the tree or end up near your drain. You can then use or dispose of leaf litter correctly (a valuable resource if you garden) to ensure it does not end up in our stormwater drains.

To find out more about adopting a tree or stormwater drain, visit Leaf Collective.