ACT energy shortfalls

ACT energy shortfalls

Possible energy shortfalls are expected across the ACT due to extreme heat/weather event. During these events, we ask that Canberrans help ease pressure on our grid by reducing their energy use.

ACT households and businesses enjoy some of the most reliable electricity supplies in Australia; however, extreme weather events can cause higher than usual electricity use that may result in electricity shortfalls in the ACT and surrounding areas. We are working closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator, TransGrid, and the NSW Government to keep power on where possible. However, during an extreme weather event, Canberrans can take simple steps to help ease pressure on the grid.

Be energy-wise by:

  • turning off unnecessary lighting
  • turning off appliances usually left in standby mode – including TVs, DVDs, videos, stereos, computers, microwaves, battery chargers and portable power supplies
  • avoid use of high-energy use appliances like dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and pool pumps
  • setting your air conditioner if you have one to 24 degrees or more
  • turning off water heating systems and urns
  • minimise your use of cooking equipment

The Australian Energy Market Operator is also working with large load electricity customers to reduce their electricity consumption where possible.

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