Status Place Location
R1 Uriarra Settlement Block 5 (part)
R8 Uriarra Village

Blocks 76, 78 Section 1 Blocks 101-200, 213, 217, 218

Register Key

Registration Status

1 Nomination to the Heritage Register
2 Provisionally Registered
3 Registered Places or Objects
R1 Rejected from inclusion in the Provisional Register by the Heritage Council
R2 Removed from the Provisional Register by expiration of interim effect — all located on ‘National Land’ under the protection of the National Capital Authority
R3 Removed from the Provisional Register by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
R4 Place or object has been combined into a new registration or precinct
R5 Cancellation of registration
R6 Final registration rejected
R7 Salvaged Aboriginal Heritage – no management implications however the place is still included in the list of places of Heritage Interest
R8 Nomination dismissed

Damaged/Destroyed in January 2003 bushfires