Heritage Festival

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The 2017 Canberra and Region Heritage Festival marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 constitutional referendum that saw Indigenous Australians finally included in the census, and thus as Australian citizens. Consequently the 2017 festival theme ‘Questions & Change’ will focus on commemorating this historic event as we continue the national conversation around Indigenous inclusion, recognition and celebration of our unique cultural heritage.

The ‘sense of place’ that heritage provides helps us to understand where we have come from and to define our identity. Heritage gives the community a sense of connection and continuity in the story of progression through time, enabling our journey to continue into the future. ‘Questions and Change’ also includes the diverse range of voices that make up the Australian identity, particularly from traditionally excluded groups such as Aboriginal, women and non-European Australians.

We invite you to learn something new, perhaps from a different perspective, about Canberra and the surrounding region.

Please tell us about your experience via the online feedback form or the hard copy form.

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