Heritage Festival

Our 2019 Festival will incorporate the school holidays and Easter, providing opportunities to reach visitors to the nation’s capital as well as locals at this beautiful time of year.

Registrations are now open. Read the Registration kit then head to the smartform.

External research in 2018 showed that:

  • 87% agreed that the Heritage Festival helps make Canberra and surrounding areas a more enjoyable place to live
  • 85% agreed that it helps enhance community spirit, pride and enjoyment
  • 83% agreed that it helps enhance participation and social cohesion in our community.

So be a part of the Canberra & Region Heritage Festival.

In July the world will celebrate 50 years since man walked on the Moon and that footage came from Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station here in the ACT! Would you like to be involved in developing an event around the theme of ‘Space’? Space is more than ‘outer space’. Walter Burley Griffin said ‘Architecture is a space art’. What does space mean to you? Some ideas for events are below.

Heritage fills an important space by providing another dimension of stories, customs and traditions and those intangibles that we value from the past. The powerful connections we feel to a place of significance. They may be special spaces like our Aboriginal cultural sites, or natural environment or buildings. Whatever they are, these places have meaning to people and are important to the way we see ourselves.

We look forward to working with you to support you in conducting a successful event as part of the Festival.

The festival is an opportunity to:

  • Let more people know about your organisation.
  • Gain new members and reward existing members.
  • Raise funds to protect heritage, for charity and/or for your organisation.
  • Increase public awareness of the ACT’s and regions’ special heritage places and objects.
  • Bring more intangible heritage to life.
  • Gain experience in Event Management.
  • Have fun!

The benefits of you submitting one or more events include:

  • Attending the Festival Launch.
  • Promotion of your event in the festival program.
  • Media support and a central point of contact for the media.
  • Provision of printed material including copies of the program and other promotional material.
  • Festival publicity – including social media, website, press and radio.
  • Invitations to the end of festival debrief and thank you event.

Developing your Event

Do you need some help getting started or getting some ideas of how to develop an event around the Festival theme for 2019 – ‘Space’?

Work your event into the festival theme. Some ideas might include:

  • Outer space: Canberra’s long history with space exploration and astronomy.
  • a place or location available for a particular purpose: a church, cemetery, a sacred Aboriginal site, architecture, a park, a rural property, a garden, arboretum.
  • an interval of time: a decade, a season, an era, a period in history, a time capsule
  • an expanse: a body of water (rivers, lake, dam), a forest, a region, natural heritage
  • a clearance: rural
  • a perspective: a lookout, observatory, a view, a scene, a picture (art), photograph exhibition, debates, talks, seminars
  • capacity: sustainability, Canberra’s role, position or function.
  • a stretch: urban legends, myths, tall stories.
  • a distance: roads, travel, tracks and trails, transport
  • extension: architecture, engineering, adaptive re- use, modification and renovation of heritage buildings
  • a range: mountains, variety of life in Canberra
  • a divide: Canberra becomes a city, breaks away from NSW/Queanbeyan, valley
  • a season: garden city, garden history, activities, games, sports of different seasons.
  • freedom: important events of history; human rights; the way we were, gender roles, political, voting, families, customs, rituals, song, dance, games.

Some event ideas might include

  • Seminars, workshops, debates or panel of speakers on the history of a specific topic or subject
  • Tours, Garden tours, 'behind the scenes' or open days at significant sites
  • Guided bushwalk celebrating our natural heritage or heritage precinct walk taking in points of interest along the way
  • Display of vintage cars, ambulance, trains, boats or other treasured objects.
  • Events that focus on Aboriginal heritage in the Canberra region
  • Cultural food fair, themed dinners or morning/afternoon teas – celebrate the history of your café, restaurant, vineyard or product.
  • Profile a significant (or little known) event or happening in the Canberra region's history
  • Scavenger hunts, plays, concerts or fashion parades (something that children can be part of)
  • Storytelling or poetry readings
  • Family history workshops
  • Exhibitions or displays based on the Festival theme
  • Photographic, poster or essay competitions (if you would like to work with a school group, contact us for assistance).
  • Market research tells us that people are interested in attending family events and children friendly events – keep this in mind and try to find ways of engaging children as well as adults.

Images (Left to right, top to bottom):
1. The Anzac Eve Peace Vigil on Mt Ainslie is a lantern lit procession down to the War Memorial re-imagining the Anzac narrative away from its exclusive focus on past overseas wars and towards a peaceful and inclusive future.
2 & 3. Check out the heritage-listed site of Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station from where the first footage of man on the Moon was beamed across the world.
4. One of many tours from the 2018 Festival. Here the newer memorials on Anzac Parade, such as the Boer War, were explored.