EEIS Activities

A list of EEIS activities currently being delivered by retailers is at this link.

When energy retailers and their subcontractors undertake the following activities, they earn abatement credits. They can use this abatement to comply with their retailer energy savings obligation.

Activities include a range of free or heavily subsidised services that your retailer may offer. Services offered may vary between providers, contact your provider to find out what is available to you.

Activities will continue to be added to increase the range of options for using the scheme to help residents and businesses to transition to energy efficiency.

Building envelope activities

  • building sealing (windows and doors)
  • exhaust fan sealing
  • ventilation opening sealing (external ventilation openings and chimneys)
  • install a thermally efficient window (replacement window)
  • retrofit thermally efficient glazing (to an existing window)
  • install thermally efficient window coverings
  • install window pelmets

Space heating and cooling activities

  • Install a specified high efficiency central electric space heater
  • Install a high efficiency ducted gas heater
  • Install a specified high efficiency electric room heater
  • Install insulated space conditioning ductwork

Hot water service activities

  • Decommission an electric resistance water heater and install a specified high efficiency water heater
  • Decommission a gas or liquefied petroleum gas water heater and install a specified high efficiency water heater
  • Replace an existing shower fixture outlet with a low flow shower fixture outlet

Lighting activities

  • replace incandescent lamps with low energy lamps
  • replace incandescent reflector lamps with low energy reflector lamps
  • replace 12 volt halogen with low energy 12 volt lamp
  • replace 12 volt halogen downlight with low energy downlight
  • replace halogen GU10 lamp with low energy GU10 lamp
  • commercial lighting activities

Appliance activities

  • decommissioning and disposal of refrigerator or freezer
  • purchase of a high efficiency refrigerator or freezer
  • purchase of a high efficiency electric clothes dryer
  • install a standby power controller
  • purchase of a high efficiency television
  • install a high efficiency pool pump

The activities were chosen from activities used for economic modelling in the regulatory impact statement and from activities available under existing government retrofit programs. All activities were considered on the likely uptake and abatement under the EEIS and compatibility with activities included under the VEET scheme and Actsmart programs. The existing training and regulatory framework applying to the activity, and the potential risks to installers, occupants and property associated with the activity were also considered.

To support high quality and safe installations, all activities are subject to codes of practice outlining consumer protection, quality, health, safety and environment protection requirements.

Retailers that do offer activities don’t have to offer all activities in the list.  The Act allows them to choose which activities they will undertake to meet their energy saving obligations.

New activities

New activities are regularly added to the EEIS. Commercial lighting and commercial refrigerated display cabinet activities were added in early 2016.

The following graph shows stakeholder suggestions for new activities from the April 2016 Stakeholder Forum. These activities are also being considered.


Please send feedback on these activities, and let us know what additional activities you would like us to consider adding next to