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The ACT has some of the lowest residential electricity and gas prices in the country, but it also has high levels of energy use. There is a lot we can do to reduce energy consumption in our homes and businesses without compromising on comfort and convenience.

What is the scheme?

The ACT Government introduced the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme in 2013. It places a requirement on electricity retailers to achieve energy savings in households and small-to-medium businesses. A target has also been placed on them to ensure a proportion of the savings are delivered to low income households.

Larger retailers must undertake approved energy saving initiatives while smaller retailers can either deliver initiatives or pay a contribution to fund those initiatives.

What are the benefits?

Since its introduction, the scheme has delivered over 1.3 million energy saving products to around 74,000 ACT households and businesses.

The installation of products such as LED lighting, standby power controllers, draught sealers and energy efficient appliances has helped reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Importantly, close to 18,000 lower income households have so far benefited.Info graphic illustrating statistics represented in the text on this page

What is next?

A wide range of products and services are currently available under the scheme. New products are also regularly phased in with insulation and business heating and cooling expected to be added to the scheme in 2019.

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