Electricity retailers

The Scheme provides electricity retailers with the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective method to improve energy efficiency. The Scheme has also been designed to minimise the impact on electricity retailers,  especially smaller retailers and new market entrants. This is consistent with the ACT Government’s objective of supporting retail competition in the  Territory.

Energy retailers get classified into two groups, each with a different set of obligations for participating in the Scheme. Smaller ‘Tier 2’ retailers can either undertake eligible energy savings activities or discharge their obligations through an Energy Savings Contribution fee equal to the estimated cost of participation of a Tier 1 retailer.

The Act requires that all revenue raised as a result of the EEIS (including contribution fees or penalties paid to the Territory) be used for purposes that are consistent with the objectives of the Act. The fund is also  being used to pay for the administration of the Scheme.
See more  on the EEIS legislative requirements here. See a list of retailers currently delivering EEIS activities here.

Tier 1 retailers

Tier 1 includes electricity retailers with more than 500,000MWh of  sales per annum in the ACT
and at least 5,000 ACT customers.

Tier 1 retailers can undertake eligible activities or acquire  approved abatement factors from other retailers who undertake eligible activities  to meet their energy savings obligation. In the ACT there is currently only one  Tier 1 retailer.

Tier 2 retailers

Tier 2 includes electricity retailers with less than 500,000MWh of sales per annum in the ACT and/or less than 5,000 ACT customers.

Tier 2 retailers may meet their energy savings obligation by  undertaking eligible activities, acquiring approved abatement factors from  other retailers who undertake eligible activities or by paying an Energy Savings Contribution (ESC). This means Tier 2 retailers do not have to offer  activities.

You can find information about the activities a retailer may be  offering by contacting the relevant retailer. A list of retailers that currently  sell electricity in the ACT is below. Electricity retailers can also offer  activities to customers of other retailers. Retailers that do offer activities  don't have to offer all activities in the list. The Act allows them to choose which activities they will undertake to meet their energy savings obligations.

Retailer Currently offering activities

Tier 1


ActewAGL Retail (Phone:1300 789 002)


Tier 2


ERM Energy Pty Ltd




Origin Energy Electricity Pty Ltd




Red Energy Pty Ltd


EnergyAustralia (Phone: 1300 894 745)


Energy Australia Yallourn


AGL Sales Pty Ltd


Alinta Energy Ltd


Macquarie Bank


Next Business Energy


Simply Energy