The ACT government is seeking stakeholder input to the scheme extension from 2021 until 2030. The outcomes of the consultation will inform policy design for the extension.  Details are in the Consultation Report, and on-line survey. Email to register for a stakeholder forum to be held in Canberra on 14 February 2019.

From August 15th until October 4th, feedback wasinvited on the EEIS Proposed New Business Heating and Cooling activities - Consultation Paper.

In early  2018, EEIS stakeholders were invited to contribute to an independent review of the scheme. The consultants held 15 interviews, two focus groups with a total of 10 participants, and two workshops with a total of 57 participants. Post-implementation surveys were also included as part of the stakeholder consultation report , including feedback from over 2,000 households and 150 businesses that have received EEIS energy efficiency items.

In July 2017, feedback was invited on the EEIS Proposed updates to residential energy saving activities: Consultation paper June 2017. Further comments can be provided to

The EEIS team welcome feedback about the range of activities that will be included in the extended scheme. If you have comments about the scheme, or suggestions for new activities, please email us at

The table below shows the recommendations arising from feedback, as shown on page 4 of the EEIS Stakeholder Forum Report 2016.

Consumer feedback

Each year, as part of its compliance operations, the EEIS arranges independent research to confirm the results of activities. The graphs below show results of a telephone survey into the outcomes achieved in 2015. These graphs show that EEIS activities continue to deliver energy bill and emissions savings to households beyond what would have happened without the scheme.

Over 70% of scheme participants feel that the products installed by EEIS are helping to reduce their energy consumption. Most people would not have made improvements without the EEIS (Elton phone survey, 2016).Survey 2

phone survey 1