Power of choice

Smart meters give consumers the power of choice

From 1 December 2017, new ‘Power of Choice’ reforms in the electricity sector will give consumers more choice and control over their electricity use, while driving technology innovation and reducing stress on our electricity grid.

The national ‘Power of Choice’ reforms are part of an ongoing transition in the energy sector aimed at reducing costs for electricity users. Under the reforms:

  • all new electricity meters will be smart meters (also known as ‘advanced’, ‘interval’ and, in the case of most households and small businesses, ‘type 4’ meters)
  • new meters and metering services will be provided competitively by retailers, not by the distributor, also known as the network operator (ActewAGL Distribution in the ACT) as at present
  • more ‘cost reflective network pricing’ will be introduced, which means that, over time, more tariffs may be offered that are higher or lower depending on time of day or a customer peak demand.

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