Renewable energy industry development

Growth in the Clean Economy

Canberra is a dynamic, knowledge-based economy with the fastest growth rate, and the second highest concentration of, renewable energy jobs in Australia. The city is on track to achieve the 100% renewable energy target by 2020 with a strong focus on supporting distributed energy storage. The ACT is also home to tertiary institutions with world-class research capabilities and experience in energy technology, economics and policy.

A renewable energy business situated in the ACT has access to:

  • One of Australia’s fastest growing renewable energy investment regions
  • A supportive policy/investment environment
  • A highly skilled labour force and strong local business capability
  • Australian Government funding bodies and contracts
  • Strong and experienced research and development institutions
  • An established network of renewable energy stakeholders
  • Strong community support for environmental initiatives

Renewable Energy Innovation Fund

In partnership with industry, the ACT provides a comprehensive package of funding to support Canberra-based renewable energy business and to attract new ventures to the city. The Renewable Energy Innovation Fund will allocate $12 million over 5 years through the following focus areas:

  1. Trades training innovation – to establish world-class training facilities and programs for wind, solar and distributed battery storage installation. This will build on existing initiatives such as the Renewable Energy Skills Centre for Excellence at the Canberra Institute of Technology.
  2. Energy research partnerships – to further develop the capability of Canberra’s world class research institutions to provide applied research services to renewable energy and storage businesses.
  3. Energy innovation precinct – to provide practical accommodation support and networking opportunities to businesses at the Renewables Innovation Hub. This includes support for identifying market opportunities and mentoring for early-stage businesses.
  4. Technology demonstration – to demonstrate innovative technologies and build industry capacity and reduce costs of deployment.

Wind Energy Asset Management

Canberra is a hub for wind energy asset management with a number of companies established to provide real-time asset management services for wind farms across Australia and around the globe. This industry cluster is supported by the Australian National University offering Australia’s only Masters Course in Wind Development and the Canberra Institute of Technology as Australia’s only provider of the Cert IV course in Large-scale Wind Generation.

Renewable Energy Industry Development Framework

Through its Renewable Energy Industry Development Framework the ACT Government has identified the following four priority areas for renewable energy business development and investment attraction. Renewable energy companies participating in the ACT’s large-scale renewable energy investment program are required to demonstrate how their proposals and businesses contribute to these priorities.

  1. Deliver enduring benefits to local businesses through the inclusion of regional contractors and labour force
  2. Build Canberra’s capacity as a national tertiary education and trades’ skills hub
  3. Stimulate productive research partnerships that will develop the capacity and global recognition of our tertiary institutions
  4. Grow the local corporate footprint of national and international businesses

Renewable Energy Industry Development Strategy (REIDS)

Focussing on solar, wind and energy storage, the Renewable Energy Industry Development Strategy brings together a range of existing government renewable energy initiatives and targets the development of a business-research precinct and renewable energy testing facilities to accelerate the expansion of the renewable energy industry in the ACT. Twenty-five organisations across industry, government, and research and training have already signed on as Inaugural Partners to the strategy.

Invest Canberra

Invest Canberra is responsible for investment promotion by the ACT Government. Invest Canberra coordinates investor facilitation across Government to provide a case-managed service for major investors. Invest Canberra can connect investors to an extensive network of contacts for investment opportunities.  More info: Invest Canberra

More information

More information on the Government programs of renewable energy investment can be found on our renewables page.

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