Energy policy

Sustainable Energy Policy

The Sustainable Energy Policy will establish an integrated policy framework for managing the social, economic and environment challenges faced by the Territory to 2020 as they relate to energy production and use.

The framework consists of four key targeted outcomes:

  • Outcome one: secure and affordable energy
  • Outcome two: smarter use of energy
  • Outcome three: cleaner energy
  • Outcome four: growth in the clean economy

Related to each outcome are a series of measures which will underpin the Government’s energy policy work program to 2020.

ACT Sustainable Energy Policy PDF (697.2KB)

Renewable Energy Targets

In September 2012, the ACT Government released “AP2, A new climate change strategy and action plan for the Australian Capital Territory”. AP2 will guide the Territory’s strategy to meet our 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets and set us on the path to becoming a sustainable and carbon neutral community. Action 13 of AP2 states, “the ACT Government will determine a new renewable electricity consumption target of 90% renewables by 2020 and in 2013 publish a methodology for accounting for renewable energy consumption and reporting against this target”.