Outcomes of the ACT’s Second Wind Auction

The ACT’s world-leading reverse auction process for large-scale renewables is delivering a portfolio of generation assets for the Canberra community—providing access to bulk renewable energy at the lowest possible cost.

Wind Auction II was the second wind auction conducted by the ACT Government. The output of the two successful proposals is equal to around 25% of the ACT’s forecast 2020 electricity demand.

The second wind auction brings the total renewables contracted by the government to around 80%. The ACT Government will now hold a further Next Generation Renewables auction for 109MW of capacity in 2016. This will ensure the ACT’s electricity supply is 90% renewable by 2020 and further position Canberra as an internationally recognised centre for renewable energy innovation and investment. Pass-through costs will peak at $4.67 per household per week in 2020.

All the wind farms supported by the ACT will be operated from headquarters located here in the ACT, making Canberra a national hub for wind energy asset and operations management.

Hornsdale Wind Farm (Stage 2)

Located in South Australia, around 150 km north of Adelaide, it is the second stage of the 100MW wind farm that was a successful proponent in the first ACT Wind Auction.

The project delivers an exceptionally low feed-in tariff price for the Territory, with the lowest publically released wind price in Australia.

Project Details

Developer: Neoen International SAS and
Megawatt Capital

Capacity: 100MW

Capacity facto: 52%

Number of turbines: 32

Generation: 404,066 MWh/year

FiT Price: 77/MWh

Estimated completion: December 2018

Emissions reductions: 6.1mt CO2e over 20 years

Homes powered: 56,100

Local Investment Benefits

A Renewable Energy Innovation Fund is being established ($10.8 million over 5 years), including:

  • $6.5 million to develop high-profile, world-class applied research capability in the ACT focussed on distributed energy storage and control systems.
  • $2.8 million to support the development and implementation of the Canberra Energy Innovation Precinct.
  • $1.0 million to design and implement market-relevant renewable energy and energy storage trades-training programs.

Sapphire Wind Farm (Stage 1)

Located 18km west of Glenn Innes in north-eastern New South Wales.

The project delivers exceptional local investment benefits for the ACT combined with a low feed-in tariff price.

Project Details

Developer: CWP Renewables

Capacity: 100MW

Capacity factor: 39.9%

Number Turbines: up to 32

Generation: 349,703 MWh/year

FiT Price: $89.10/MWh

Estimated completion: April 2018

Emissions reductions: 5.3mt CO2-e over 20 years

Homes powered: 48,600

Local Investment Benefits

Contributions totalling over $100 million over
20 years, including:

  • $34 million for the development of an ACT-based asset and operations management centre for CWP’s growing national and international generation fleet
  • $33 million to support the development of world-leading carbon neutral microgrid initiatives with CIT including an integrated a microgrid test lab for research and education purposes.
  • $35 million to develop a hybrid generation Asia-Pacific Export Hub in the ACT.
  • $5 million invested in partnerships with local businesses and trades training

March 2016