October to December 2018

Feed-in tariff payment summaries - October to December 2018

Quantity of electricity supplied this quarter (MWh) Spot price value for the electricity ($) FiT support payment paid this quarter ($)
337,719.18 Refer to attached spreadsheet $4,522,879.68
  Quantity of eligible electricity supplied this quarter
Fit Support payment paid or payable
Crookwell Wind farm51,754.93$442,056.37
Mugga Lane 7,015.87 $631,894.69
Royalla Solar Farm10,436.96 $1,032,586.16
Williamsdale Solar farm4,149.99 $403,867.00
Sapphire Wind Farm 67,557.17 $1,197,164.58
Hornsdale Wind Farm 89,802.74 $1,024,154.68
Hornsdale 2 Wind Farm31,827.50$41,954.33
Ararat Wind Farm 54,362($14,372.55)
Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm20,811.56($236,425.57)
GeneratorNominal output (MW)Cost of installing the connection ($) during quarterCost of maintaining the connection ($)
Mugga Lane13.00$0.00$5,000.00