April to June 2017

AAD-FRV-Settlements April to June 2017

Quantity of electricity supplied this quarter (MWh)Spot price value for the electricity ($)FiT support payment paid this quarter ($)
126,575.30Refer to attached  spreadsheets$123,827.13
 Quantity of  eligible electricity supplied this quarter
Fit Support  payment paid
Mugga Lane Solar Farm5,401.15$455,805.79
Royalla Solar Farm8,089.55$743,399.85
Williamsdale Solar Farm2,605.64$237,818.44
Hornsdale Wind Farm70,094.29($638,710.00)
Ararat Wind Farm26,030.40($328,894.09)
Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm14,354.27($345,592.86)
GeneratorNominal output (MW)Cost of installing the connection ($) during quarterCost of maintaining the connection ($)
Mugga Lane13.00$0.00$5,000.00