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The below service providers are interested in networking and collaborating with companies participating the Next Generation Energy Storage Grants.

The Australian Capital Territory (as represented by the Environment and Planning Directorate) provides the list of third party entities interested in participating in the Next Generation Energy Storage Grants for information and convenience only. These third party entities are not under the Territory’s control and the Territory does not endorse, and is not responsible for, any material, products or services promoted by the third party entities. The Territory does not represent or warrant the quality, accuracy, merchantability or fitness for purpose of any material, or products or services promoted by the third party entities.

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Stored Solar Pty LtdGavin 143 093

Stored Solar specialise in the design and installation of solar battery storage systems. We are a Canberra based company with a strong reputation for providing excellent customer service and high quality workmanship.

Batteries will play a vital role as our electricity grid transitions to 100% renewables. Stored Solar are looking to collaborate with other business to implement this great technology. Visit Stored Solar for more information.

Akcome PowerRobby 159 022Akcome Power is among the world’s leading producers of photovoltaic modules and systems, innovation in solar technology. Akcome  is recognized as an industry leader within the solar industry, specialising in the construction of Solar Famrs world-wide.  The company specializes in technologies to create solar power generating systems, printers,patented bracketing systems. New to the Australian market, with over 1.6Mkts of Solar installations for businesses for the year 2015. Known as the Solar Rental specialists.
Solahart CanberraGrant 62805919Solahart Canberra is the local point of contact for all Solahart products and services in the ACT region. We are able to provide continuing customer support for all installations, repairs and maintenance of Solar hot water, Pool heating, Solar Power systems, PVI testing and the Tesla Powerwall energy storage systems which incorporate web-based SolarEdge monitoring. We are committed to providing quality solutions for the local area’s renewable energy needs. Solahart Canberra has been working in the local market for 33 years and we have developed a close working relationship with ACT and NSW regional energy suppliers and councils.
Fusion Power Systems Robert Massarotti

1800 4 Fusion

0409 095 884

Fusion Power is a Tier 1 Distributor of Aquion Hybrid ION Batteries and the all in one Titan Solar Smart Storage. Features plug and play, modular design allowing for the fastest and simplest system installation in market, seamlessly incorporating water-based Aquion Hybrid Ion batteries for a clean, safe and cost effective complete home solar storage system.

Titan is the most elegant solar energy storage solution the world has seen.

Sealed Performance Batteries

Ryan Hammond

+61 (0) 3 9561 7222

+61 (0) 447 567 962

Sealed Performance Batteries (SPB) is an Australian owned wholesale battery distributor with 20+ years experience in the industry. We have a range of energy storage products available including our German made Leclanche Apollion Cube 6.7Kwh storage system along with French manufactured Imeon hybrid inverter. We are interested in partnering with a local installer to put forward a proposal.

Kyocera Asia Pacific – Australian Solar Division

George Phani


Kyocera is among the world’s leading producers of photovoltaic modules and systems, supporting a 40-year history of innovation in solar technology. Kyocera is recognized as an industry pioneer with repeated world records in multicrystalline cell efficiency. Kyocera Corporation (NYSE:KYO) (TOKYO:6971), the parent and global headquarters of the Kyocera Group, was founded in 1959 as a producer of advanced ceramics. The company specializes in combining these engineered materials with other technologies to create solar power generating systems, storage, printers, mobile phones, electronic components, semiconductor, cutting tools and industrial components. During the year ended March, 2015, Kyocera’s net sales totaled US12.7 billion.

Coolplanet Energy Pty Ltd Daniel Harper 1300 687 888 Cool Planet are energy efficiency experts providing residential and commercial assessment, workshops, education and retrofits. We have a solid network in Canberra and can assist in marketing and selling of battery installations.
SwitchDin Pty Ltd Andrew Mears 0421131550

SwitchDin’s DropletTM and StormCloudTM Platform, assists proponents comply with,

  • item 3.20 - ability to capture streaming Class1+, 1 minute frequency (and if necessary up to 1 second) data directly from supported devices.
  • item 5.16 - we provide a market integration platform and are automatically updatable to facilitate Demand Side Management, self consumption and tariff optimisation.

Additional Benefits:

  • Support customer ”on-boarding” to gather data and determine battery system sizing and marketing
  • Minimise overheads and avoid a "one size fits all” deployment
  • Fleet management ensures system uptime and portfolio visibility
  • Simplify retrofit solutions
  • Remote monitoring and configuration
Next Electrical Technologies Hugh McKenzie 0432574007 Next Electrical Technologies is new electrical company in Canberra. Our goal is to work with the renewable energy industry to provide reliable cutting edge technology to the consumer.
VSUN Samantha McGahan (08) 9228 3333

VSUN sells GILDEMEISTER’s vanadium redox flow batteries in Australia.  The batteries have two ranges, the first starts with a power output of 10kW and a storage capacity of 40kWh and the second starts with a power output of 200kW and a storage capacity of 400kWh.  Both ranges are fully scalable.  The batteries have been installed in over 100 locations around the world and were originally invented in Australia. We are looking to work with an installer who has a project that would benefit from our storage solution.

Off-Grid Energy Australia Emily McMahon 1300 334 839 Off-Grid Energy Australia is a trusted provider of battery storage systems. We pride ourselves on friendly and lasting customer service, sustainable business practices, expert knowledge, highest quality workmanship, and cutting edge technology. We use a wide range of storage products - with brands such as Tesla, SMA, BMZ/Sony, Alpha, and Samsung. Our network of battery storage customers (on and off grid) is always happy to talk about their experience with us, and we are very proud to have such a strong and loyal customer base. We wish to partner our local consultant with a local installation team for proposals.
John R.Turk Faizal Khan 0448 181 988

A global leader in the professional distribution of electrical products and services, Rexel supports its customers with sustainable and innovative solutions. John R. Turk (a division of Rexel Holdings Australia) with a reputation for superior service in large range of quality electrical and data wholesale products with over 30 years of existence and service to electrical market. With 2 trade branch outlets in Fyshwick and Mitchell, one stop shop for all electrical products and services.

Rexel’s strong relationships with major Photovoltaic suppliers & manufacturers enables us to provide wide of range of stock availability and professional advice.

Alpha ESS Australia Dong Lin 0412953647 We are one of the leading turn key energy storage solution providers in the globe ( In Australia, we can provide package solution for residential and commercial PV + storage, and with option to fund and enter into long term service contracts. We would like to meet with solar installers, retailers, project developers and other business partners to jointly build the renewable center of Australia in ACT.
Reposit Power Alan Reid (02) 6162 0277 The Reposit energy monitoring and control platform delivers world leading energy optimisation and trading capability to residential scale energy storage systems. in an energy model not seen before Reposit links customers, Retailers and Networks in a way that empowers customers and unlocks the value of distributed storage for network participants. The system learns consumer behaviour and predicts solar in order to maximise consumer benefit from energy arbitrage. It will monitor EV circuits and in due course, and will be able to control hot water systems and pool pumps. For NextGen, it will ensure compliance with the data gathering requirements.
A Good Sparky Pty Ltd James Stone 0410993341 I look forward to working in collaboration with larger companies as a qualified installer.  I place quality of service and work above all else.
Downer Richard Finlay-Jones 0414 555 864 National electrical contractor focussed on delivery of large scale renewable electrical generation and connection.
Wollemi Systems Haydn Lowe +61 2 6116 8698

Wollemi is a Canberra based specialist in energy data management for large portfolios.

We leverage an ‘enterprise ready’ eco-system of database and software tools to support your data capture and reporting needs.  We are interested in working together with NextGen suppliers who require data management and related IT systems expertise

Wollemi can assist proponents with:

  • independent strategic view of asset energy performance (over 200 off-the-shelf analysis reports)
  • seamless install and commissioning of your devices (MeterGuru) – evidenced data capture with photos, according to NextGen data requirements - software integration to export your data, or webportals which can display it
Beast Solutions Pty Ltd Toby Roxburgh +61 402 488 505

We are energy developers who specialise in end to end sustainable power generation solutions. We work with government, utilities and business, providing the vital nexus for creating the energy systems of the future.

  • We simplify the design and delivery process for our clients.
  • We reduce risk, by bringing our collective industry experience to projects.
  • We manage opportunities and guide them from blue sky to reality.
  • We optimise projects through intelligent staging, and matching programs with funding.
  • We deliver cost effective and value for money solutions.
  • We establish and manage finance partners to suit individual project needs.
SunCrowd Chris Cooper 0431 010 795 SunCrowd coordinates energy storage bulk-buys in communities by partnering with local community groups, providing its members with necessary and trusted information, and using supply chain innovation and the collective bargaining power of its members to drive below market discounts on leading energy storage brands. Almost 1000 households have signed up to our Newcastle pilot bulk-buy campaign. We're potentially interested in acting as a delivery partner in the Next Gen roll out and can help to break down the barriers to households of cost, complexity and a lack of trust in providers.
Standard Solar Pty Ltd James Graham 1800 636 636 We are a national retailer and integrator of on and off grid renewables systems, incorporating solar, wind and energy storage installing VRLA, Li-ion and ZBM chemistries to offer the best solution for any application.
As electrical contractors (licensed in every state and territory) we operate extensively Australia wide specialising in remote, rural and island locations.
DPA Solar Richard Barker 0418 288 187

DPA Solar is the distributor for the SimpliPhi LiFePO4 2.6 and 3.4 kWh battery. The SimpliPhi battery has a 10 year warranty, 10,000 warranted cycle life at 80% DoD or 5,000 warranted cycle life at higher DoD. Designed and manufactured in America for film, television and defence customers, now released for home battery storage. Designed for drop in replacement for lead acid applications. Very high spec battery, highest energy and power density LiFePO4 battery in Australia.

Brighte Capital Pty LtdBen 150 586Brighte is Australia's leading on the spot finance platform for solar, batteries & home improvements.
Our 0% interest payment plans* means that vendors are paid upfront, giving homeowners the ability to access energy and home improvements today and pay back over time.
Read more information on Brighte.
*Approved applicants only, fees apply including the $1.00 Weekly Account Keeping fee (which is calculated daily and taken at the same time as your repayment), min finance amount $1000. Credit provided by Brighte Capital Pty Limited ABN 74 609 165 906.