Next Generation Energy Storage Grants

Successful proponents

The below companies were successful in the third round of the Next Generation Energy Storage Grants. Households and businesses interested in installing a discounted battery storage system should contact the grant winners directly.

While these companies are selected to participate in the storage grants scheme, the ACT Government isn’t endorsing the companies or their products. If you’re considering battery storage you need to evaluate the products and options on offer and use your own judgement to choose the company that is right for you.

ActewAGL Retail has 100 years’ experience serving Canberra’s energy needs and brings world leading solar and energy storage solutions to the region. ActewAGL is experienced at providing personalised energy advice and tailored solutions by using customers’ actual electricity consumption information coupled with site specific energy insights.

EPC Solar is a local renewable energy company who provide tailor-made solar and storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. They install a wide range of battery storage options. In partnership with CIT they run a battery training facility for the industry at their Belconnen showroom.

Evergen will be deploying intelligently managed residential energy systems that use load and generation prediction to optimise battery performance. Systems are continuously monitored and adapt to the changing loads and solar generation. Evergen's energy management technology is provided by the CSIRO, who regularly monitor the system and update its performance.

With 10 years’ experience in the solar energy industry, Harvey Norman Commercial Solar (HNCS) has established key relationships with industry-leading solar manufacturers (including Reposit Power) to deliver on system quality and longevity. HNCS is committed to helping Canberra reach its goal of becoming 100% renewable by 2020 and building pathways for innovative growth in its renewable energy sector.

ITP Home Energy is a local renewable energy consulting and project engineering firm, with experience in installing batteries in households and off-grid projects. ITP are also conducting a battery performance trial at their battery test centre at the CIT. ITP are offering LG Chem batteries and Reposit Systems for residential and commercial installations.

Power Saving Centre Canberra (PSC) will be providing LG Chem battery solutions suitable for a range of residential consumers. PSC will utilise the smart management systems of their partners Reposit to optimise and control customers’ batteries, and will also offer Sonnen’s forward-looking sonnenFlat energy packages.

Solargain is one of Australia's leading solar energy providers and is consistently ranked as a Top 5 PV retailer nationally with over 55,000 systems installed. Solargain will install battery systems from Tesla, LG Chem, Fronius, and Enphase using our local knowledge to develop PV, Battery Storage, and Solar Hot Water capacity in the ACT.

SolarHub is an established, Canberra solar company that will offer the next generation of LG Chem and BYD batteries to residential customers in the ACT. SolarHub will work with Canberra start-up Reposit to build Canberra’s Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and allow households to sell battery power back to the grid.