Energy storage devices and inverters

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Successful Proponents may only install Energy Storage System equipment listed below. Successful Proponents may request new devices to be added to this list by completing the New Device Form and returning it to

Key compliance criteria

All new devices and associated energy storage systems must:

  1. be on the Clean Energy Council’s (CEC) list of approved energy storage devices
  2. be capable of collecting and reporting data in accordance with the Data Specification
  3. meet minimum requirements as outlined in the Safety Management and Installation Guide (e.g. electrical standards, warranty periods, etc.).

Energy storage devices

ManufacturerModel Sustained Peak Output (kW) Storage Capacity (kWh)
Alpha Storian-SMILES 5Multiples of 5.7 up to 17.2 to multiples of 5.6 or 10.3 up to 20.6
BYDB-Box H 6.4 B-Box H 7.7 B-Box H 9.0 B-Box H 10.2  B-Box H 11.5 6.4/7.68/ 8.96/ 10.24/ 11.52 
Fusion Titan 33.58
HansolAOI Scalable 7.2/10.84/4.987.2/10.8
LG ChemEM04126P3S7 (SolaX Battery)36.5
LG ChemRESU 13-EM04126P8.413
LG Chem RESU3.3/RESU6.5/RESU7H/RESU10/RESU 133.0kW/4.2kW/5.0kW (up to 2 can be combined, resulting in a maximum of 5.0kW SPO)3.3kWh/6.5kWh/ 9.8kWh/13kWh
LG Chem EM048126P3Sx3.26 kW (combining multiple batteries increases the SPO)6.25kWh
LG Chem RESU7H/RESU10H3.5kW/5.0kW7.0kWh/9.8kWh
SolaX Power Station 65.94 or 11.7
SolaX SOLAXTP5.8/6.42.5/2.55.8/6.4
SolaX SOLAXTP6.3 (3PH)2.56.3
SolaX SOLAXTP6.3(1PH)26.3
Tesla Powerwall 513.5
Tesla Powerwall 2514

Energy storage inverters

ManufacturerModel Sustained Peak Output (kW)
Alpha SMILES-BAT Multi Modal 5
Fusion Titan 33.5
HansolAOI Scalable 7.2/10.84/4.98
SMASunny Boy Storage 2.52.5kW 
SolarEdge Storedge SE6000 with Backup 6
SolarEdge SE5000H5
SolarEdge SE5000 - AUS / SE6000 - AUS5kW/6kW
SolarEdge StorEdge 5kW with Backup SE5000-AUS20NNB25
SolarEdge StorEdge 6kW with Backup SE5000-AUS20NNB26
SolaXSK-TL5000E + SK-BMU 50004.6
SolaXX3-Hybrid-6.0T/ X3-Hybrid-8.0T/ X3-Hybrid-10.0T6000/8000/10000
SolaX SK-BMU50004.5
Sungrow SH5K+4.99 kW (battery discharge limited to 3.12kW)
Tesla Tesla Integrated 5