Solar Auction Interested Parties

The following list of organisations and persons is provided to facilitate networking of parties interested in the ACT’s Large-scale Solar Auction Request for Proposals process. Parties may request that their details be added to or withdrawn from the table by emailing the following information to

  • Contact name and/or business name
  • Phone number and/or email address
  • Interest in the solar auction process (limited to 140 characters including spaces).

The ACT Government is providing the information on this site as a facilitative service only to interested parties and makes no claims, representations or warranties as to the fitness of, or credentials of parties who are included in this table, or in relation to the accuracy or truth of the information about those parties appearing below.

List of organisations
Contact Details Interest

Leeson Solar – (Peter Leeson)
1300 887 007

Design and Installation of Commercial and Utility Solar/Investment

Green Power Labs Australia Pty Ltd - (Trevor March)
0448 819 442

GPL provide expert solar monitoring, resource assessment & technical due diligence services validating project feasibility & bankability

Abigroup Contractors - (John Tregear)
0407 216 629

Design, engineering, grid connection, construction and project management

LG Electronics Pty Ltd - (Markus Lambert)
0449 552 190

LG-diversified manufacturer of high quality, bankable modules. LG also offer turnkey solutions. LG solar farms operate in Europe & Asia. 

GoshLab Pty Ltd - (Matthew Hutchins)

GoshLab is a Canberra company specialising in solar tracking technology. Contact us if your proposal includes tracking: PV, CPV, or CST.

AEG Power Solutions - (Mark Kibby)
0477 678 400

AEG Power Solutions is a manufacturer & supplier of Central Solar PV inverters for commercial and utility scale applications.

SunPower Corporation - (Russell Harris)
0418 138 048

Efficient panels & trackers by SunPower deliver more revenue per hectare. We provide full EPC from 2-20MW. Call Russell Harris 1800 786 769.

Tindo Solar Pty Ltd - (Richard Inwood)
0428 606 420

Australian manufactured solar modules - 60 MW capacity

SunUp Solar Pty Limited - (Steve Eccles)
1300 433 126

SunUp Solar is able to assist proponents with Large Scale Renewable Energy design, supply and management services.

SunWiz Consulting - (Warwick Johnston)
0413 361 534

Financial Modelling, System Engineering, Options Analysis, Detailed System Design, Project Management, Documentation, Tender Assistance

Daly International - (Daniel O'Meara)
02 8061 1803

Property, planning and professional engineering consultancy. Leasing, land access, planning and environmental, professional engineering.

SCHOTT Solar - (Ivan Poerwowidjojo)
02 8426 1611

German Manufacturer of high performance bankable solar modules. Contact for module supply and additional project support (design, financing)

Silex Solar - (Alex Rogers)
02 9704 8888

Australian manufacturer of PV modules and supply of BOS. Design and installation management of commercial PV.

GL Garrad Hassan - (Simon Mason)
03 9600 1993

GL Garrad Hassan is the world’s largest renewable energy consultancy. Bankable resource/energy assessments and technical due diligence.

INGENERO - (Patrick Greene)
0430 494 295

Interest in the solar auction process: Ingenero is an EPC Solar developer.

Robert Bosch (Australia) Pty Ltd – Bosch Solar Energy - (Frederik Troester)
03 9541 7048

Bosch Solar Energy, a fully integrated PV manufacturer, offers high-grade and stable performing PV products and Turnkey Solar Plants.

Eco-Kinetics Group P/L - (Richard Smaldino)
0414 530 657

Eco-Kinetics is a National & International turnkey EPC contractor of solar

power plants. EK is a subsidiary of CBD Energy, a listed company.

INABENSA AUSTRALIA – (Fabian Fiorotto)
0407 994 371

EPCM Contractor 

Q-CELLS Australia Pty Ltd – (Christoph Neufink)
02 9455 0017

Australian proven & bankable modules, German engineered, local support, Technology leadership, Experience of over 600 MW EPC & 350 MW O&M

Clean Technology Partners Pty Ltd - (Lachlan Bateman)
03 9005 7371

Professional engineering and project management services for the solar industry to achieve project goals faster and at lower cost and risk.

CNPV Solar Power SA - (Ravinder Soin)
0419 216 267

CNPV Solar Power SA is a manufacturer of high power density solar modules with proven high kWh/kW for MW utility scale projects

Palisade Investment Partners - (Daniel Roberts)

Specialist infrastructure investor. Interest in long term ownership of assets.

GHD Pty Ltd - (Julien Gaschignard)
0400 618 149

Professional services firm with presence in ACT providing tender support, engineering, planning & environmental services to solar industry 

Vacon Pacific Pty Ltd - (Mike Smits) 
0413 878 135

Solar Inverters ‘certified’ to AS4777.2/AS477.3 incl. Reactive Power Control up to 1MW, with strong local service & support.

TODAE SOLAR - (Danin Kahn)
0423 176 146

Todae Solar is both a project developer and solar EPC. Contact us if you have an interest in either of these services.

NHP Electrical Engineering Products Pty Ltd - (Daniel Harris)
0418 679 656

Supply, service & support for Santerno central inverters, up to 1.33MW plug & play Station configurations, BDEW certified.

SEE-Change Inc. - (Amanda Snashall)
0438 243 448

SEE-Change is a not-for-profit community organisation who wish to engage with bidders to enable community investment in large-scale solar.

Kyocera Solar Pty Ltd - (George Phani)

The right choice matters! When you demand product quality, reliability and proven performance choose KYOCERA Solar as your partner.

Rensus Capital - (Jonathan Ruddick)
08 8351 2311

Rensus Capital provides private equity investment capital to Australian small and large scale solar projects; contact us with opportunities.

Emerson Control Techniques Pty Ltd - (Isaac Morian)
0408 294 797

We provide utility scale PV inverter systems with fully controllable power factor. 

Conergy Pty Ltd - (Inka Heile)
07 3492 1937

Manufacturer and supplier of German manufactured modules, inverters and mounting structure. EPC contractor. 

SREC Elvin Pty Ltd - (Glen Currie)
0407 168 344

As a solar plant builder we are interested in building plant for proponents. We also have the funds to build solar plant.

APP Corporation Pty Ltd – ( Hamish Sinclair)
02 6285 1097

Canberra based consultancy specialising in Property, Planning and Project Management with experience in Solar, Wind and HEP projects.

Century Solar Energy - (Kay YE)
1300 886 903

Design and install large scale generation units, and provide ongoing technical support and maintenance services.

Coronium Pty Ltd - (Mike Schach and Gavin Street)
0468 478 154

Consultancy in all aspects of PV project development & delivery, we can help realise successful & profitable results (

Arup - (Rick Maddox)
0412 257 520

Consulting engineers with 500 MW of Tech/Comm Due Diligence experience in PV globally. Resource, environmental, planning, geotech, etc.

Nexpower Technlogy Corp. - (Flora Kuo)
+886-4-2580-8888 ext 1684
Manufacture in Taiwan. Export world wide. Provide high quallity micromorph thin film panels. A subsidiary of UMC group. (NYSE: UMC)

ecolutions GmbH - (Rowan McMurray)
49 173 6499 487

Detailed system design and layout planning, technical and commercial due diligence, project financing, construction and project management. 
Solar Inception - (Doug Fletcher)
07 3166 9598
Design, engineering, supply, grid connection, construction and project management supported by major product manufacturers and consultants. 
METPRO Green Energy - (Nick Chau)
0401 882 691
Design, Engineering, Grid Connection, Installation, and Project Management of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Projects.

Lightway Power Pty Ltd - (Janan Yildiz)
03 9452 8814 or 0488 702 110

Lightway's utilises the world's leading technologies to produce one of the highest quality, precision engineered solar panels on the market.

Schletter Australia Pty Ltd - (Richard Lock)
0428 003 651

Over 6.5GW built worldwide, Schletter will design and engineer an optimal mounting solution for your bid.

OHL ENERGY - (Rob Maroszek)
03 9020 3431 (sic)
Design, Investment Analysis, Delivery & Project Management of Mid/Large Installations. Technology & Know-how sourcing from US, Europe.
Canadian Solar (Australia) Pty Ltd - (Daniel Ruoss)
03 8609 1844
Turn-key PV solution provider with over 3GW installed PV capacity globally.
GNB Industrial Power - (Ian Coppard)
02 9722 5721 or 0411 110 553
Equip design and install of purpose built AC & DC power back up systems. Projects team with ongoing support for all tech and maintenance.
Brendan Read
(02) 62413255
Land owner of a very suitable parcel of land (3300 acres) close to Williamsdale HV transfer substation
Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty Limited - (Ravi Singh)
0435 657 413
Design, supply and installation of LV & HV ‘intelligent’ containerised energy storage for solar farms. Australian made, Australian owned.
ZEN Power Systems - (Marcus Keller)
08 8211 0600
Manufacturer of BoS for solar farms: Array Box, PV Box, Grid Box, inverter, transformer, MV switchgear, SCADA and Security system
Suntrix Co. Ltd. - (Andrea Antronaco)
0086 13917354627
Manufacturer of highly reliable Single Axis Trackers. Suntrix brings value to your solar power plants.
AECOM Australia Pty Ltd – (Craig Chambers)
0419 992 380
Consultancy providing engineering & environmental services to the renewable sector with current solar experience & local presence in the ACT
Jinko Solar Australia - (Garry Willett)
0400 528 845
Jinko Solar is a T1 fully integrated top 5 PV manufacture with extensive large scale project experience. Supplier to the Royalla Solar Farm.