National Parks Association of the ACT (NPA ACT)

The National Parks Association of the ACT (NPA ACT) is very keen to comment on the Nature Conservation Bill (the Bill). The NPA ACT believes that this is a very significant piece of legislation that has important ramifications for conservation in the ACT.

The NPA ACT notes that the Bill represents an improvement on the existing legislation in a number of ways including identification of the objectives for the legislation and the expansion of categories for threatened species and ecological communities. However, the NPA ACT also notes that other aspects of the Bill are unsatisfactory, for example the need for the Strategic Bushfire Management Plan to no longer comply with land management plans of management and a lack of measures to assist with connectivity, one of the objects of the Bill.

In order to provide a comprehensive and considered response to a complex and detailed piece of legislation, the NPA ACT will be submitting its detailed comments after today's deadline for comments. The NPA ACT was a supporter of the Conservation Council's request for a significant extension of the public consultation period and the need for the consultation to include face to face interchanges with relevant decision-makers. The NPA ACT notes that an additional request for an improved consultation process has been issued by the Conservation Council and this is also supported by the NPA ACT.

Yours truly

Rod Griffiths