Indigenous NRM

As the seat of the Australian Government, the ACT has a special responsibility to ensure Indigenous people participate in natural resource management (NRM). There is growing recognition that:

  • Indigenous people have significant knowledge and skills to offer and responsibilities to fulfill in the protection of Australia’s natural resources

  • understanding, learning, respecting and applying Indigenous knowledge systems and including Indigenous people in decision-making in natural resource management is key to reconciliation

  • strong connection to community, country and culture is fundamental to Indigenous health and well-being

  • greater involvement of Indigenous people in NRM will help increase Indigenous employment, improve Indigenous educational achievement; and reducing Indigenous incarceration rates in the criminal justice system.

The ACT Natural Resources Management Plan, developed by the Council, aims to increase the involvement of Indigenous people in NRM. The Council wants to see:

  • traditional knowledge actively influencing significant decision-making in Namadji National Park

  • traditional knowledge and values influencing the conservation and management of the ACT’s natural assets

  • Indigenous employment and active participation in natural resource management activities more than doubling from its 2008 base

  • Indigenous communities strengthened through their engagement in NRM.

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