Conservator of Flora and Fauna

The Executive Director of Policy at the Environment and Planning Directorate holds the office of the Conservator of Flora and Fauna. Established by the Nature Conservation Act 2014 (NC Act), the Conservator of Flora and Fauna has additional responsibilities under the Planning and Development Act 2007, the Fisheries Act 2000 and the Tree Protection Act 2005.

Nature Conservation

The Conservator acts on issues that affect the conservation matters embodied in the NC Act. This relates, in particular, to protecting native plants and animals including the administration of a licensing system for the taking, keeping, selling, importing, exporting, disturbing, displaying and killing of native plants and animals; managing the nature reserve system; and protecting and conserving threatened species and ecological communities

Current consultation

Community input is being sought on a new plan to help protect the Spotted-tailed Quoll, one of the ACT’s most threatened animals. Spotted-tailed Quoll numbers have declined since European settlement and are now incredibly rare in the ACT, with an average detection rate of one animal per year since 2005.

See the draft action plan at

Recent conservation documents

Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy and Action Plans

The Conservator has prepared the 2018 Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy, which outlines how we can best continue to restore and manage our waterways. The strategy includes action plans for the Two-spined Blackfish, Macquarie Perch, Murray River Crayfish, Silver Perch, Trout Cod, Murrumbidgee Bossiaea and Tuggeranong Lignum.

Migratory Species Action Plan

The ACT Government has completed a Listed Migratory Species Action Plan for listed migratory birds that visit the ACT.