Threatened Species and other Nominations

The Scientific Committee of the ACT is undertaking public consultation on a nomination for the Unnatural Fragmentation of Habitats to be listed as a Key Threatening Process.

A threatening process is a process that threatens, or may threaten, the survival, abundance or evolutionary development of a native species or ecological community. Under the Nature Conservation Act 2014, a threatening process is eligible for listing if it:

  • could cause a native species or an ecological community to become eligible for listing as threatened; or
  • could cause a threatened native species or a threatened ecological community to become eligible to be listed in a higher category of threat; or
  • adversely affects 2 or more threatened native species (other than conservation dependent species) or 2 or more threatened ecological communities.

The Unnatural Fragmentation of Habitats has been nominated by the Scientific Committee under the Nature Conservation Act 2014.

Have your say

The Scientific Committee is particularly interested in receiving submissions that provide additional evidence and information to support the nomination, especially in relation to individual species or ecological communities adversely impacted.

Following consultation, the Scientific Committee will decide whether to recommend to the Minister for the Environment that the process be listed as a Key Threatening Process.

Written submissions are welcome and can be sent to:

Scientific Committee
Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate
GPO Box 158, CANBERRA ACT 2601


Submissions may only be given during the public consultation period until Friday 8 June 2018.

Nature Conservation (Key Threatening Process Nomination - Unnatural Fragmentation of Habitats) Public Consultation Notice 2018