ACT Weeds Strategy

The ACT Weeds Strategy 2009-2019 has been developed to reflect contemporary best practice in keeping with community expectations. The Strategy aims to reduce the impact of weeds on the environment, the economy, human health and amenity. It recognises that weed management is an integral component of sustainable management of natural resources and the environment, and that weed management requires an integrated, whole of community and government approach.

Mid-term Review of the Strategy (2009-2014)

Over the last five years the ACT has improved its understanding of the risks invasive weeds pose and how to detect, eradicate and contain new weed incursions. 

Highlights in the delivery of the strategy include adoption of innovative methods such as use of remote controlled helicopters and amphibious vehicles for herbicide delivery to help control widespread weeds that seriously affect the environment, agriculture and the community.

A thorough assessment of achievements against strategic actions has helped to identify priorities for delivery of the strategy from 2015 to 2019.  These include better surveillance for high-risk weeds such as Mouse-ear Hawkweed that could enter the ACT from neighbouring jurisdictions and improving support for community group weed control efforts.