Research and Technical Reports

The Conservation Research Unit produces a series of research reports, technical reports and one-off reports which contain information on the flora and fauna of the ACT.

Research Report Series

  1. A Survey of the Vertebrate Fauna of Mt. Ainslie, Mt Majura and Black Mountain; 1975-76, K.Kukolic, (1990) (5.2MB)
  2. Status, Distribution and Possible Impacts of the Oriental Weatherloach Misgurnus angiullicaudatus in the Ginninderra Creek Catchment; M.Lintermans, T.Rutzou and K.Kukolic, (1990) (2.8MB)
  3. Distribution and Relative Abundance of Fish in the Naas - Gudgenby Catchment; H.A.Jones, T.Rutzou and K.Kukolic, (1990) (1.7MB)
  4. The Fish Fauna of the Upper Cotter River Catchment; M.Lintermans and T.Rutzou (1990) (4.8MB)
  5. Distribution and Conservation Status of the Endangered Pink - Tailed Legless Lizard (Aprasia parapulchella) (Kluge); W.S.Osborne, M.Lintermans and K.D.Williams, (1991) (6.0MB)
  6. The status, distribution and management of the Murray Crayfish Euastacus armatus) in the ACT M.Lintermans and T.Rutzou, (1991) (2.3MB)

Technical Report Series

Research Report (ISBN 0 642 00642 3)