Zero Emissions Vehicles

Encouraging the shift to sustainable transport options will be critical for meeting our emission reduction targets. Once the 100% renewable electricity target is achieved in 2020, transport will contribute more than 60% of the ACT's greenhouse gas emissions. With most transport emissions coming from private car travel, cars will soon become Canberra's single biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The ACT Government is supporting the transition to zero emissions vehicles to reduce emissions and create more sustainable transport options in Canberra. This is part of a broader suite of measures to also encourage greater use of public transport and active travel, as outlined in the transport section of the ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019-2025.

In April 2018, Government launched its Transition to Zero Emissions Vehicles Action Plan 2018–2021. This plan continues to enhance the Government's reputation as a world leader in sustainability by encouraging the use of zero emissions vehicles and e-bikes. The action plan includes commitments to a zero emissions Government passenger vehicle fleet, new charging infrastructure, and incentives for consumers to purchase zero emissions vehicles.

The Future of Zero Emission Vehicles in the ACT factsheet explains the benefits, range and performance of zero emissions vehicles currently available, costs of ownership and the types of vehicles available in Australia.

Collaborating for transport solutions

The ACT won the Sustainable Transport Award at the inaugural Cities Power Partnership awards in October 2017 in recognition of its work towards transitioning to zero emissions vehicles.

The ACT has signed the Birmingham Declaration and the e-mobility Declaration, which commits signing governments to the vision of a zero emissions future for transport.

The ACT is a member of the global ZEV Challenge aimed at asking automotive leaders to accelerate the transition towards a clean transport future.

The ACT is part of the Climate Action Roundtable's Memorandum of Understanding on electric vehicles, which commits signatories to work together to increase the uptake of electric vehicles. The Roundtable includes the ACT, South Australia, City of Adelaide, City of Hobart and the Electric Vehicle Council of Australia.

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