Monitoring and Reporting Government Emissions

Responsible government includes minimising the impact of our activities on the environment and efficient monitoring and reporting of government greenhouse gas emissions. As a Government we have already reduced our emissions by 27% since 2012.

Figure: Government emissions from 2012-13 to 2017-18
Chart showing Government emissions from 2012-13 to 2017-18. Each year is divided into transport fuels, gas and electricity. There is a downward trend mainly from reduced electricity emissions. Total emissions are slightly above 180,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent in 2012-13 and are slightly below 140,000 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent in 2017-18.

The Government will maintain its robust monitoring and reporting regime to track progress towards zero emissions by 2040 in Government operations. Monitoring and reporting is vital to demonstrate benefits and challenges posed by the adoption of zero emissions technologies to the community. The Government provides reports on: