Regional climate projections

The NSW and ACT Regional Climate Projections (NARCliM) project provides information on project climate changes in our region. NARCliM provides detail down to the nearest 10 kilometres, the finest climate projections for the region available for the near (2030) and far (2070) future.

The most recent ACT climate change snapshot indicates the:

  • Territory will continue to warm by about 0.7oC in the near future (2020–39), increasing to about 2oC in the far future (2060–79)
  • the number of hot days per year is expected to increase to an average of five extra days above 35oC by 2030 and up to an average of 20 extra heatwave days by 2070
  • number of cold nights will reduce, with temperatures dipping below 2oC 13 fewer times each year by 2030 and 43 fewer times each year by 2070
  • the amount of rainfall is expected to decrease in spring and increase in autumn
  • the storm season will be longer
  • the number of severe fire weather days will increase in summer and spring.

Researchers and the wider community can access data through AdaptNSW.

The NARCliM project was funded by the ACT and NSW governments and produced by the University of New South Wales Climate Change Research Centre.

  • ACT-Climate-change-snapshot

The NARCliM projections are important:

  • to the ACT Government’s work in adapting our city to a changing climate and protecting and managing our natural environment, including our nationally significant woodland and alpine bog communities
  • for better informing households, businesses and the wider community about how they can respond to the ACT’s changing climate
  • for planners and designers who are working to make our buildings and infrastructure more climate resilient.

More information:

  • Further information on NARCliM projections - AdaptNSW.
  • Information on climate change impacts, reducing emissions and preparing for climate change, visit Acstmart, the ACT Government’s online sustainability hub.