Help improve energy efficiency

In 2020, once emissions from electricity are zero, natural gas is expected to make up 21% of the ACT's emissions. As a result, the focus for reducing emissions from energy use will be to shift from natural gas to electricity.

But it will also be important to continue to improve the efficiency of our electricity use so that we can manage electricity demand and maintain our 100% renewable electricity supply as our population grows.

There are many things we can do to help reduce emissions, improve energy efficiency and save money.

Things home owners can do

Did you know?

Upgrading your gas heating system to an efficient reverse cycle air conditioning system can reduce your emissions by around 14 tonnes over the system's useful life while saving about $500 per year on heating bills.

Upgrading your gas hot water system to an electric heat pump can help reduce your emissions by around 10 tonnes over the heat pump's useful life while saving about $150 per year.

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