Canberra car free days

As part of the ACT’s Climate Change Strategy, the ACT Government has committed to implement a ‘car free day’ by 2021.

Car free days are temporary events held in specific locations. Similar to Canberra’s favourite events, like the Multicultural Festival and Enlighten, entertainment or market stalls could be set up in a limited public area to allow people to enjoy the public space in a different way for a short period of time.

Attendees would be encouraged to cycle, walk or take public transport to the event, but surrounding streets would remain open to traffic, and the rest of the city would function as normal.

Car free days are popular events held in many cities around the world including Paris, London, Bangkok, Barcelona and Vancouver.

They can add life and colour to urban centres, build community connection and encourage people to walk, cycle and catch public transport.

Car free areas would also create opportunities for businesses either catering for the event or by delivering higher levels of exposure for their products or services.