Community Gardens Grants

The Community Gardens Grants Program provides funding to support the development and expansion of community gardens across Canberra, meeting one or more of the following priorities:

  • provide benefit to the wider community
  • encourage social inclusion
  • promote healthy living
  • have a high level of community support, including volunteers and sponsorship

Future Rounds

The next round of the Community Gardens Grants Program is scheduled to launch in mid-2021. Further information will be made available closer to the date. The Grant Guidelines from Round Six (522.0 KB) are provided for reference.

Round Six – Successful Projects

Ten projects were successful in Round Six, receiving a total of $39,388 in funding. The successful projects, announced by Minister Rattenbury on 28 August 2020, were:

  • Community Services 1 received $6,317 to create a kitchen garden for their community at its Wellbeing Hub in Narrabundah. The garden will provide a place for clients and the surrounding community to come together to grow fresh produce in a supported environment.
  • Self Help Organisations United Together Inc received $6,207 to create the Inclusive Productive Garden Space that will be a garden environment for all people, of all abilities, who live in the Pearce area or visit the Pearce Community Centre for services and care.
  • Acacia Gardens Owners Corporation received $3,736.10 to enhance the Acacia Gardens community garden through the construction of an enclosed chicken run around the orchard and the addition of a beehive, irrigation infrastructure and composting bins. This will assist in the creation of food gardens as well as strengthening a sense of community in the complex and improving awareness of sustainable living practices.
  • Weston Creek Men's Shed Inc received $612.73 for the construction of two additional garden beds. This will essentially double the area available to Shed members for gardening activities, enabling diversification of the vegetables grown and a significant increase in the quantity produced.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc received $4,558 for the construction of a shelter at its community garden in Charnwood to provide gardeners and visitors with much needed protection from Canberra's variable weather.
  • Lyons Early Childhood School Parents & Citizen Association received $3,959 for the creation of the Lyons Community Bush Tucker Garden that will provide both the school and broader community the opportunity to learn the variety, history and cultural significance of edible native plants. It will also be a therapeutic space to engage the senses of touch, smell, taste, sound and sight for all involved.
  • The Owners Unit Plan 013 received $2,341 to construct and plant community garden beds and build a community composting hub for the residents of Goliath court. This will help to contribute to a more cohesive community at the complex, support positive resident interactions and a positive security culture, enable the growing and sharing of healthy produce and reduce food waste to landfill.
  • Possums Playschool Inc received $2,966 to create the Playful Possums Patch Sensory Garden. This will be a family-oriented collaborative project providing the playschool children with an educational and recreational experience, with a hands-on approach to promote healthy living.
  • Capital Region Community Service received $8,055 to support inter-generational connections, learning and community engagement through the creation of a community garden within the playground of the Bruce Ridge Early Childhood Centre as an interactive and collaborative space.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society Inc received $636.40 for the replacement of outdated irrigation infrastructure at its community garden in Cook. This will substantially reduce water leakages, save on water bills and help avoid future tap failures and the need for emergency plumbing work.

Round five – successful projects

Eleven projects were successful in Round Five, receiving a total of $50,230.94 in funding. The successful projects, announced by Minister Rattenbury on 27 September 2019, were:

  • Church of the Good Shepherd received $5,403 to create a meeting place for social interaction between residents of the surrounding flats/apartment complexes. The garden will provide free nutritious vegetables to the local community along with teaching gardening skills and expanding knowledge.
  • Units Plan 4391 Laurana Terraces received $5,656 to create ongoing sources of produce that provide clean, nutritious food, as well as education and opportunities for social cohesion for members of the community who walk through or past the Terraces.
  • Canberra Seed Saver's Cooperative Ltd received $4,688 to create Canberra Seed Savers' Mobile Seed Libraries. The Mobile Seed Libraries for community gardeners will "lend" seeds and provide seed saving education, inspiration and support to community gardens and community groups.
  • Giralang Parents and Citizens received $4,705 to enhance the school grounds to benefit students and the wider community by establishing the Giralang Garden Collective, a school focused community garden.
  • University of Canberra Union received $2,100 to enhance the existing volunteer-run Community Garden at the University of Canberra campus through the installation of a drip-line irrigation system.
  • Baringa Child Care Centre Association received $3,179 to create the Baringa Community Bush Tucker Garden, a collaborative project providing preschool children with an educational, sustainable and insightful Aboriginal cultural experience and hands-on way to promote healthy living.
  • Canberra City Farm Incorporated received $4,000 to enhance the community garden/orchard through purchase of vital propagation, crop protection and orchard maintenance equipment.
  • Self Help Organisations United Together Inc received $9,761 to create the Pearce Inclusive Garden Space for rest and relaxation and sensory plantings and accessible structures, so people with disabilities who are in wheelchairs are able to enjoy the gardens, colours, shapes and smells.
  • Acacia Gardens Owners Corporation received $1,795 to establish a more structured community gardens project with scheduled working bees and fundraising BBQs to encourage a sense of community in the complex.
  • Belconnen Community Service Inc received $7,830 for "Ngulli to Dyandai" ("food to cook"). The community garden will be a place to share the joy of caring for the environment and to be active participants. National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and aged care groups will access the gardens as part of their social interactions and connection with community.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society, Inc received $1,114 to upgrade fencing at an existing community garden, providing visual separation, windbreak, and support screening plants to grow.

More information

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