Local climate change impacts

Across the ACT, maximum, minimum and average temperatures are already increasing and are projected to continue to rise. Regional climate modelling has identified the four most significant impacts on the ACT:

We have already seen more hot days (above 35°C) and fewer cold nights in the ACT region. Projections are for up to an additional five hot days per year in the near future (2030). The number of hot days could increase to 20 more per year by 2070, depending on the level of greenhouse gas emissions in future. These increases will mainly be in spring and summer, though the number of hot days will also extend into autumn. Hot days and heatwaves will be exacerbated in some parts of the city by the urban heat island effect.

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Climate adaptation innovation examples

Climate adaptation innovations are increasing the ability of our community to adapt to climate change impacts, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build a more sustainable city. The following fact sheets outline some of the ways our city is responding.