Community leadership and wellbeing

Community surveys have identified that more than 80% of ACT residents want the Government to take a strong leadership role on climate change and more than 80% believe that actions by householders can help make a difference in responding to climate change.

Individuals, community organisations and businesses will continue to play an important role in helping to meet our targets by taking action to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and promote solutions to climate change. Support and leadership from across the community will become even more important as we move into the next stage of reducing emissions and maintaining 100% renewable electricity.

Achieving our targets will require a dynamic and collaborative approach focused on continual learning and community participation. Throughout implementation, community members will be invited to provide ideas to further work towards our targets via a dedicated online platform. The Minister will meet regularly with the ACT Climate Change Council and other stakeholders to review progress and identify new opportunities for action based on emerging information, evaluation of measures and community suggestions.

Supporting the most vulnerable in our community

The Government is committed to working in partnership with the community to support low income households and vulnerable sectors as we transition to zero emissions in a way that maximises their access to low emission, reliable and affordable services.

Community leadership actions

Community wellbeing actions