Climate Emergency Declaration

In May 2019, the ACT joined many other cities, states and territories around the world in declaring a state of climate emergency, acknowledging the need for urgent action across all levels of Government.

The ACT Government is committed to doing everything it can to solve the global challenge of climate change, in the interests of securing a liveable and healthy future for our community, all species and for future generations.

The Strategy reflects the need for urgent action and work is underway to investigate opportunities for embedding climate emergency considerations across Government operations and decisions.

The text of the declaration is set out below.

"That this Assembly:

    (1) notes:

    (a) globally, nationally and locally, human induced climate change is contributing to record breaking temperatures, extreme weather events, and a range of negative social, environmental and economic outcomes;

    (b) ACT residents have just experienced the hottest January on record, and local temperature extremes will worsen as climate change progresses;

    (c) Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland have recently been devastated by bushfires and North Queensland has recently suffered extreme flooding;

    (d) global temperature rise must be limited to 1.5 degrees to minimise the risk of the worst impacts of climate change, a task the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says requires urgent and unprecedented action; and

    (e) ACT and Australian residents want their elected representatives to take urgent and effective action to address climate change;

    (2) acknowledges that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent actions across all levels of Government;

    (3) condemns the Federal Government for its continued failure to enact effective climate change policy, and requests the Federal Government provide additional funding for States and Territories to deal with worsening climate change risks and impacts, such as bushfires and extreme weather; and

    (4) notes the ACT Government’s efforts to make Canberra a more liveable and sustainable bush capital by, amongst other things:

    (a) its national and international leadership on climate change;

    (b) committing to zero net emissions by 2045; and

    (c) powering Canberra by 100 percent renewable electricity by 2020."