ACT Climate Change Strategy

The ACT is a global leader on climate change action. We have some of the most ambitious emissions reduction targets in the world, and are on track to be powered by 100% renewable electricity from 2020. But there is still a lot more we can do.

Building on our successes, the ACT Climate Change Strategy 2019–2025 outlines the next steps the community, business and Government will take to reduce emissions by 50–60% (below 1990 levels) by 2025 and establish a pathway for achieving net zero emissions by 2045.

The Strategy has been developed in coordination with the ACT Planning Strategy 2018, the ACT Housing Strategy (2018) and the draft Moving Canberra: Integrated Transport Strategy. Together, these strategies provide a comprehensive approach to building a smart, healthy net zero emissions city.

The Strategy is also complemented by Canberra's Living Infrastructure Plan: Cooling the City, which sets the direction for maintaining and enhancing trees, soils and waterways to keep our city cool, healthy and liveable in a changing climate.

Community participation

The ACT Government conducted extensive community engagement in 2017 and 2018 to ensure the Strategy accurately reflects the priorities, interests and expectations of the community. The process and results of the ACT Government’s engagement activities are presented in the ACT's Climate Strategy Community Engagement Report (July, 2018).


The Strategy replaces the previous ACT Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2 and the ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. The Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment released an AP2 implementation status report in September 2017. The ACT Government’s response to the report was released in February 2018.

Getting to net zero emissions

The Strategy sets out actions to reduce emissions and to build resilience to climate change impacts. From 2020, once we are powered by 100% renewable electricity, the next key challenges will be reducing emissions from transport, gas and waste.


Reduce emissions from transport – the next major challenge for the ACT.

Buildings and land use

Shifting off natural gas and improve the efficiency and climate-appropriateness of our buildings.


Reducing waste generation and keeping organic waste out of landfill.

Climate Emergency Declaration

Why we have declared a climate emergency and what it means.

Community leadership and wellbeing

It's up to all of us – how we will work with and support community-led solutions to climate change.

ACT Government leadership

How Government will lead by example in the transition to a net zero emissions future.

Keeping our city cool

Preparing for the unavoidable impacts of climate change to keep our city cool and liveable.

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