Supporting our farmers

Landholders inspecting grasses in a field.Supporting rural landholders is an important aspect of natural resources management in the ACT and is undertaken through a variety of initiatives such as training, building awareness and incentives. It recognises the need for integrated landscape management across multiple tenures.

Desired outcomes

Increased collaboration and shared learning within the ACT and cross-border areas of NSW with more efficient use of resources, maintenance of scientific rigour and continued relevance of information provided to ACT rural landholders.

Priority areas

Continue to identify and support current and emerging networks and other industry groups. Connect ACT rural landholders to the work of innovative regional farming system groups such as Monaro Farming Systems and the Capital Region Small Farms Network, and more broadly maintain strong relationships with agricultural research and extension groups in the region.

Future investment focus

Investment will:

Building on existing investment

The ACT Regional Delivery Program (Government and community partners) have strong linkages with the Capital Region Small Farms Network, the ACT Rural Landholders Association, Monaro Farming Systems, Landcare ACT, the ACT Catchment Groups and rural Landcare groups as well as strong working relationships with key agricultural extension and research organisations.

The ACT Catchment Groups and Greening Australia have undertaken extensive work with rural leaseholders and landholders through community capacity building and training workshops, and incentives programs. Focus areas for knowledge and action include weeds, pasture management, revegetation, paddock plant identification, erosion control, horse management workshops and other related topics.

The ACT Catchment Groups also support a number of rural Landcare groups across the ACT and region.