Biodiversity is a broad theme and interacts with all the themes in this Plan. It covers all land management tenures and integrates a large number of different interests and objectives.

Biodiversity in the context of this NRM Investment Plan refers to the management of natural resources at the landscape scale to ensure protection of a diverse range of habitat types with a focus on threatened species and ecological communities in the face of climate change. It recognises that an integrated approach is required that brings together community interest in the context of a ‘working’ landscape.

Priorities have been determined by scientific research (including citizen science), community consultation, federal priorities and the level of resources already invested in relation to desired outcomes. For example, a high priority activity may already have sufficient investment to meet outcomes (or sub-objectives).

Woodlands, Grasslands, Alpine Bogs & Riparian Corridors

Priority investments to improve the management and resilience of these ecological communities

Threatened Species Recovery

Priority investments to support the recovery of key threatened species

Climate Change Adaptation

Priority investments to build capacity, and help biodiversity respond to climate change

Capable Connected Community

Providing support to the community to achieve better NRM outcomes