2016-17 ACT Environment Grants - Successful Projects

Successful Projects

In 2016-17, the Grants funded 10 projects to improve catchment health and conservation outcomes to the value of $185,000. The successful project proponents and projects were:

Southern ACT Catchment Group

  • Protecting threatened ecosystems at Kerrabee – The National Equestrian Centre. - $20,000
    This project will protect and enhance the high natural conservation values of Kerrabee, improving the ecosystem and biodiversity values of the 116 hectares of Yellow-box Gum Woodland through the control of Blackberry and Serrated Tussock.
  • African lovegrass control on threatened ecosystems of west Kambah. - $10,480
    This project is designed to address African Lovegrass infestations across two properties along the eastern corridor of the Murrumbidgee River that will compliment weed infestation work being carried out in the corridor by Parks and Conservation.
  • Re-establishment of farm wetlands in the Murrumbidgee corridor - $9,050
    This project aims to rehabilitate four degraded dams on Amberley Farm to restore ecosystem function for supporting a range of native species.

ACT Wildlife

  • Treatment of mange to promote wombat health. -$19,830
    The Project will identify wombat habitats in the ACT and select one area in which to carry out a mange treatment and eradication program.

Ginninderra Catchment Group

  • Restoration of significant ecological and cultural sites in the Ginninderra Catchment - $22,625
    This project aims to restore and enhance two nationally threatened ecosystems (Natural Temperate Grasslands and Box-Gum Woodlands) of the Ginninderra Catchment through better management of these ecosystems by the community, including a new Aboriginal Landcare Group.

Molonglo Catchment Group

  • Caring for Ngunnawal Pathways - Integrating Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal NRM in Canberra’s northern reserves - $23,187
    The project aims to involve Ngunnawal people in an understanding of and caring for a key pathway in the Ngunnawal landscape and enable cultural knowledge and land management practices to be shared, applied and integrated with non-Aboriginal NRM practices, in onground applications.

Greening Australia (Capital Region)

  • Fixing the phalaris – Native Grassland restoration - $21,165
    The restoration will demonstrate an effective technique for restoring exotic perennial grass, phalaris, which currently occurs over a significant proportion of the low-lying areas in the Grassland reserves.
  • Reintroduction of Murrumbidgee Bossiaea into the Lower Molonglo - $14,025
    This project aims to engage the community to propagate and plant the Endangered Murrumbidgee Bossiaea (Bossiaea grain) in the lower Molonglo catchment, at a location where it was sited before the fires of 2003.
  • Protecting and connecting farm dams - $28,200
    The project aims to link and restore the landscape through the protecting of farm dams and connecting them to riparian, corridors, wetlands remnant vegetation. The project will also improve the water quality of these dams and promote community engagement with on-farm environmental issues.

Uniting Church-Greenhills and Camp Cottermouth

  • Restoration and erosion control of Murrumbidgee access path - $16,438
    This project aims to rectify major erosion damage and re-establish a degraded access path to allow safe access to the Murrumbidgee river by community groups visiting the Greenhill’s Conference Centre and Camp Cottermouth.