Evidence: Threatened Species Recovery

Map of Pink-tail Worm-lizard hotspots Pink-tailed Worm-lizard

Data analysis

Expert consultation

Priorities for management

Weed threats to Pink-tailed Worm-lizard habitat was determined using overlays of weed occurrence data and expert knowledge. More detailed mapping and detailed site assessment is required prior to on-ground control.

Restoration priorities are shown in the map and as follows:

  1. Priority 1 - High population density
  2. Priority 2 - Moderate population density
  3. Priority 3 - Low population density

Future research

Priority areas were also identified for future research efforts based upon survey gaps and existing habitat suitability models. The Murrumbidgee Corridor was identified as the highest priority for surveys and efforts will focus on areas under highest threat from weed invasion in the first instance.