Our NRM Community

ACT Natural Resource Management (NRM) works with the volunteer Landcare and ParkCare community, the Aboriginal community, farmers, local, regional  and national non-government organisations working in the environment, NRM and Aboriginal NRM spheres, the ACT, Commonwealth and NSW Governments, and others, to support a more engaged and skilled community; and broker and deliver better environmental and sustainable agriculture outcomes.

Australian Capital Territory Natural Resource Management (ACT NRM) is one of 56 regional NRM organisations across Australia that works with local communities to identify and set local priorities for NRM investment and supports community delivery of NRM. This is made possible through funding it receives under the regional stream of the National Landcare Programme.

Our roles

  • Working with and supporting community participation in prioritisation and delivery of natural resource management in the ACT
  • Investment Planning: Identify regional investment priorities that align local and regional activities and community knowledge and experience, to national priorities
  • Brokering partnerships: Collaborate with community, rural landholders, ATSI community, local and regional organisations to deliver regional NRM projects:
  • Linking community to best available science and best practice NRM  
  • Sharing knowledge: Provide community and land managers with information to help them manage.
  • Delivering Programs: reporting outcomes to investors and communicating achievements.

ACT NRM obtains independent advice from the ACT Natural Resource Management Council (NRM Council).

The National Landcare Programme (2014-2018) provides a regional funding stream to be invested through Australia’s 56 natural resource management (NRM) organisations, recognising the crucial role the organisations play in delivering NRM at a local and regional level.

ACT NRM has received $3,804,860 through the NLP. A very high proportion of this funding (64%) is devolved directly to the community through community-based delivery partners, including:

The ACT has a very active and engaged NRM and landcare community.  There are more than 50 volunteer ACT ParkCare and Urban Landcare groups who actively contribute to protecting natural and cultural sites in local parks and nature reserves throughout the ACT, including Namadgi National Park, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and Googong Foreshores.

ACT NRM’s successes are underpinned by the strength of our partnerships with the ACT natural resource management and Landcare communities, over many years.

The ‘Landcare Landscape’ – the who’s who of Landcare in the ACT, is represented in the Diagram below.

There are also numerous organisations which support NRM in the broader ACT and region, including:  ACT and Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch, the Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment network, Kosciusko to Coast, Bush Heritage, South East Local Land Services, and many more.

ParkCare Groups

ParkCare Groups operate within the Canberra Nature Park, Namadgi National Park, Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and the Murrumbidgee Corridor on Government managed land and are supported by ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) and the Catchment Groups (Molonglo, Ginninderra or Southern ACT Catchment Group).

Examples of ParkCare groups include Friends of ‘Mount Majura’, ‘Red Hill Regenerators’ and the ‘Watson Woodlands Working Group’.

Recreation Groups

Recreation Groups operate within Government managed land and are supported by ACT Parks and Conservation Service.

These groups include the ‘Majura Pines Trails Alliance Group’ and ‘Developing Isaacs Ridge Trail Environs’.

Urban Landcare Groups

Urban Landcare Groups work on urban open space in the ACT. These groups are supported by Transport Canberra City Services (TCCS) and the Catchment Groups (Molonglo, Ginninderra or Southern ACT)

Examples of Urban Landcare Groups include Friends of Featherstone Garden, Tuggeranong Lake Carers and Weston Orchard Group.

Rural and Regional Landcare Groups

There are a number of Landcare Groups who operate in the rural and regional areas of the ACT and surrounding NSW. These groups are supported by ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS), Catchment Groups (Molonglo, Ginninderra or Southern ACT) and ACT Regional Landcare Facilitator, ACTNRM .

Examples of rural and regional Landcare Groups include Cotter Road Landcare Group, Reedy Creek Landcare Group and Majura Valley Landcare Group.

Producer Groups

There are a number of producer groups in the ACT including the Illoura Horse Owners Group and the Capital Region Small Farms Network.

These are supported by their Catchment Group or the ACT Regional Landcare Facilitator, ACTNRM.

Other Groups / Networks - issue based

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