Management of Records

In accordance with the requirements of the Territory Records Act 2002 (TRA), the Directorate has in place a Records Management Program (RMP) that provides a framework for recordkeeping within the Directorate.

The RMP is suite of documents, including a policy, procedures, and work instructions that define the way in which the Directorate manages and preserves records in its care, as well as establishing processes for providing access to documents.

The RMP is reviewed every three years, or more often if required by an administrative or operational change. In accordance with the TRA this procedure has been approved by Directorates Director-General and notified to the Director Territory Record.

This program is available to the public via our website, or can be provided in hard copy by emailing to

Any enquiries about recordkeeping can be directed to Information Manager via email to or by telephone 02 6207 5587.