Separation Distance Guidelines for Air Emissions

The ACT Government has released the Separation Distance Guidelines for Air Emissions.

The guidelines advise on recommended separation distances between land uses that emit odour, dust and other forms of air emissions and sensitive land uses. The guidelines aim to minimise the off-site impacts on sensitive land uses arising from unintended, industry-generated air emissions.

As Canberra grows, the issue of incompatible land uses in close proximity to each other is also likely to grow. The guidelines aim to support effective decision making regarding land uses to protect human health and wellbeing, local amenity and aesthetic enjoyment, existing industry from encroachment by sensitive uses, and land adjacent to emitters from being under utilised by:

  • providing clear direction on which land uses require separation
  • informing and supporting strategic land use planning decisions and the consideration of development applications
  • preventing new sensitive land uses from impacting on existing industrial and agricultural land uses
  • preventing new or expanded industrial land uses from impacting on existing sensitive land uses
  • identifying compatible land uses that can be established within a separation distance area.

The list of recommended minimum separation distances ranges from 40 metres to 1000 metres depending on the nature and scale of the industry and activity and the potential impacts of its likely emissions.

Some of the activities requiring separation distances include petroleum storage, dog kennels, tanneries and fellmongeries, concrete batching and landfill.

The recommended separation distances are the recommended minimum in the absence of a detailed, site-specific assessment for a proposed industrial or sensitive use. The guidelines state that where a variation from the recommended separation distance is sought, it should be the responsibility of those seeking the variation, regardless of if they are the emitter or not, to provide evidence that a variation from the recommended separation distances is appropriate.

See the Separation Distance Guidelines for Air Emissions.

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