Learning and development

Internal and external training

Staff learning and development was a major focus throughout the reporting year to ensure the skills and knowledge of staff is retained and enhanced within the Directorate. A large number of staff attended a range of in-house and external training and information sessions, a sample of which included:

  • Prioritising, Evaluation and Performance Management
  • Planning in the ACT – Government Perspective
  • Leadership and Communication at Work
  • EnviroDevelopment Professional Training
  • Project Management
  • Essential Writing Skills for the Public Sector
  • Contract Management
  • Understanding Legislation
  • Customer Service skills/training.

Whole-of-government learning and development initiatives

Whole-of-government learning and development initiatives undertaken:
Initiative No. of participants
ACTPS Graduate Program 3
Young Professionals’ Network Nil
Future Leaders Program Nil
Executive Development Program Nil
PSM Program Nil
Sponsored Training for First-time and Front-line Managers Nil

In addition to the above, a range of more generic whole-of-government training opportunities was also provided to staff throughout the reporting period, some of which included:

  • RED Contact Officer/General Training
  • First Aid Refresher Training
  • WHS Refresher Training for HSRs
  • Writing for Government
  • Job Interview Skills
  • Contract Management
  • Policy Writing in the Public Sector
  • Managing Psychological Illness in the Workplace.

Future learning and development areas identified

The Directorate has identified the following areas as priority training requirements:

  • Asbestos awareness training
  • Recruitment – interview panel training
  • Respect, Equity and Diversity Training
  • Emergency contact officer training
  • First aid/asthma awareness
  • Cultural awareness
  • RiskMan (replacing current Accident/Incident Report forms)
  • Work health and safety
  • Supervising return to work employees
  • Resilience in self
  • Managing psychological illness in the workplace.

Use of the ACTPS Training Calendar

The Directorate actively encourages and promotes the ACTPS Training Calendar through regular email and access from the Directorate’s intranet.

Directorate attendees at ACTPS training
Category No. of attendees Cost
Information and communications technology 11 $2,965.40
WHS 7 $4,198.75
Management 19 $9,675.10
Working in an organisation 25 $7,010.65
Total 62 $23,849.90

Study assistance

The Directorate provides advice and information to staff on requirements for applying for study assistance and the appropriate approval process through the Strategic HR team and the Directorate’s intranet. Applications for studies assistance by 22 staff were supported in the reporting period.

Performance management

The ACT Public Service Performance Framework was developed to assist both staff and managers with their work performance discussions. Templates for this purpose are included on the Directorate’s intranet for all staff to access. Acknowledging the importance of this framework, the Directorate’s HR team actively encouraged and worked with managers and their teams to develop their individual work performance plan. The implementation of these plans is monitored and reported to the Director-General and Executive.